Q1. How do I apply?

Simply fill out the online loan application form and one of our experienced loan assessment team members will contact you and assist you through the application process.

Q2. What happens after I submit my online application?

You will be contacted by one of our financial consultants who will request you to supply some supporting documents to finalise your application. They will also answer any other questions you may have.

Q3. How long does it take to transfer the funds?

Once your loan has been approved and you have signed the loan paperwork, the funds will be transferred to your bank account on the same day during normal business hours.

Q4. How do I make loan payments?

Generally we set up a direct debit system for you on your pay cycle, but you can also make manual payments through internet banking or by walking into a bank and depositing the payments directly in to our account.

Q5. When can I submit my application?

We accept online applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our financial consultants will then contact you first thing during business hours.

Q6. Can I repay the loan early?

Absolutely, you can pay as much as you like as often as you like with no penalties.

Q7. How much do you lend up to?

We offer unsecured loans up to $2,000 and secured loans above $2,000 and up to $5,000.

Q8. How long do I have to pay the loan off?

Our unsecured loans are provided over a maximum term of 30 weeks and our secured loans are provided over a maximum term of 52 weeks.

Q9. Do you conduct a credit check?

Yes, generally we will conduct a credit check to help assess an application. If you have a mark on your file that does not necessarily mean that we can’t help you as we look at each application on its own merits.

Q10. Do you lend money to self employed people?

Yes we do lend money to self employed people. However they need to be contracting to somebody where they get paid a regular income on the same pay cycle each week/fortnight/month. Unfortunately we don’t lend to self employed people who don’t have a regular consistent income going in to their bank account.

Q11. Can I apply if I am on a pension?

We can consider loans on a pension income as long as there is enough income to service the repayments. The maximum amount we lend on a first loan for those on a pension income is $500.

Q12. What will my repayments be?

That depends on how much you borrow and over what length of time. As soon as you are approved for a loan we will discuss your repayments & the loan term with you prior to receiving the funds. This will ensure that the loan is affordable for you and suits your requirements.

Q13. What if I think I may have trouble making a loan payment?

We understand that your circumstances can change and urge you to contact us if you are having problems. We recommend you call us as soon as possible if you are having difficulty and we will do our best to help.

Q14. What documents do I need?

We require the following documents to support your application:
• Identification – Drivers license, bank card, passport, birth certificate
• 2 recent payslips
• The last three months of your bank statement
• A bill with your name and address on it
• Car registration papers (for secured loans)

* This is a high cost agreement which is not suitable for your long term financial needs or ongoing financial difficulties as it is likely to be more expensive than other forms of credit.